Wind machine change of face

Currently, most of the jobs in wind power are in the manufacturing sector, followed by construction, and operation and maintenance. However, as new wind farms are brought online, existing ones are upgraded, and manufacturers are able to take advantage of returns to scale, the other sectors also are expected to experience rapid growth. Chart 1 shows the distribution of jobs in the wind power industry in 2010.

Alfred, please rethink your advice. He is talking about cabling between the battery and inverter, which can carry HUGE amounts of current. The amount of power that his source can produce is irrelevant to the topic.

What is Wind Electricity ? Wind energy is a dynamic if invisible resource—the energy available in a moving mass of air. From grain grinding by s

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Although wind turbines are a renewable source of energy and don't pollute the environment as a result of generating power, they have an environmental impact. Some people think that wind turbines create a lot of noise and look ugly. Wind turbines are placed no closer than 300 meters from residential homes. At that distance, a wind turbine is no louder than an average household air conditioner . [2]

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Wind Machine Change Of FaceWind Machine Change Of FaceWind Machine Change Of FaceWind Machine Change Of Face